6 pieces of slag pots are shipped again to broaden the international market of CHAENG

Recently, the Great Wall Steel Casting has once again exerted its strength. The 4+2 pieces of slag pots that have been cast are shipped directly from Shanghai Port to Southeast Asian countries and West Asian countries. This shipment will make Great Wall Steel Casting add another wonderful in the international market!

slag pots from China.jpg

Since its establishment and development, Great Wall Steel Casting has undergone continuous improvement, innovation and learning in the production of foundry slag pots. It has its own set of processing systems and testing or testing standards to provide customers with better products. Intensive research on slag pots has never been interrupted. And why our products can be loved by our customers, mainly because of advanced casting technology, can meet the level 2 flaw detection standards of different countries, 360 degree non-destructive testing system, professional technology research and development team, production period control, etc. Comprehensive manifestation of various aspects.

slag pots of CHAENG.jpg

slag pot casting.jpg

In the process of production, we will integrate the international advanced technology into the process, and then enrich the casting experience technology, so that the service life of the slag pot will be 20% higher than the service life of the slag pot on the market. More importantly, The product has strong resistance to deformation and quality.

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