How is the steel slag vertical mill grinding process?

Current systems for steel slag grinding that include ball mill systems, vertical mill systems and roller press systems on the market. The ball mill system has high energy consumption, high noise and small single-unit capability, but the ball mill has low investment and it is widely used in small and medium-sized cement plants. Before the steel slag grinding treatment in China, the ball mill grinding process was mostly used. The process has the characteristics of simple process, reliable production, low technical requirements for operators and low investment, but in the production of ultra-fine material powder, the treatment efficiency is low, the energy consumption is large, the production unit product cost is high, and the single-machine processing capacity is eliminated. Compared with the advanced grinding process, when the ball mill grinding system grinds high-density products of 420m2/kg or more, the unit power consumption is above 85kWh/t, the power consumption is significantly increased, the operating cost is increased, and the fineness of the steel slag powder is difficult. Meet national standards. At present, enterprises that produce steel slag powder by a single ball mill grinding process are forced to stop production due to high operating costs.

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The production process using high-pressure roller press + ball mill production technology is: high-pressure roller mill, air flow classifier, high-efficiency classifier, system dust collector and other components of the closed-circuit extrusion process system, the material is extruded, sorted, In addition to iron, drying, and gradually refine the powder, the system collects fine powder into the mill by the dust collector: the tube mill, the grinding tail dust collection system, etc. constitutes an open grinding process system, and finally grinds to the steel slag micropowder finished product. Process characteristics: The system is relatively complex, the equipment is large, and the comprehensive power consumption of the product is relatively high.

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After meeting the grinding grain size requirements and reducing the iron content in the steel slag, the advantages of vertical grinding immediately show: high output, low power consumption, and allow up to 20% moisture, and the specific surface area of the finished product can reach 450-500m2/kg. The above is beneficial to the large-scale production of steel slag powder. At present, major cement equipment companies continue to develop new wear-resistant materials, improved roller and grinding disc design and appropriate reduction of grinding disc speed, optimization of hydraulic system, lubrication system and other measures, effectively extending the service life of wear parts, reducing vibration and improving equipment operation. rate. Steel slag vertical mill has become the main equipment for steel slag powder processing at home and abroad.

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