Analyze the importance of nickel slag vertical mill in the nickel iron slag industry

In recent years, the annual discharge of nickel iron slag has been increasing. A large amount of ferronickel slag is piled up or buried in deep sea, which not only takes up land and pollutes the environment, but also brings severe challenges to the sustainable development of ferronickel smelting. Therefore, how to vigorously develop the comprehensive utilization rate of nickel-iron slag is an urgently needed problem at present!

Studies have shown that nickel-iron slag is a good aggregate for the synthesis of inorganic polymers. Under suitable conditions, it can even produce a cementitious material with compact internal structure, extremely low water absorption, and a compressive strength of up to 118MPa. To meet these conditions, the nickel slag vertical mill is an indispensable link. Nickel slag vertical mill is a combination of fine crushing, grinding, drying, powder selection and conveying. It can grind nickel slag into powder. Its specific surface area can reach 480-500㎡/kg to ensure that the activity of nickel slag is greater. Play. Studies have shown that nickel slag powder can be added to cement clinker, the addition amount can reach 8%, and the nickel iron slag has pozzolanic activity, and the addition amount in cement can reach 30%. Experts in the industry have done many research experiments and the results show Nickel slag, like steel slag and slag, can produce clinker cement, and nickel slag has very good activity, which is slightly better than steel slag.

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It can be seen that the treatment of nickel slag through innovation and optimization of the grinding process and equipment is an important way to improve the activity of nickel slag and promote the wide application of nickel slag in the field of building materials. As a new type of energy-saving grinding equipment, the nickel slag vertical mill is undoubtedly an effective and highly feasible method for the deep treatment of nickel slag. The nickel slag powder after being ground by the vertical mill has a wide range of uses, which can solve land occupation and pollution. Environment, and also improve the comprehensive utilization rate of ferronickel slag, and help the ferronickel smelting industry realize the sustainable development strategy!

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