What is the effect of high or low temperature in the lime rotary kiln?

Lime rotary kiln is a large-scale calcination equipment. Through electricity, coal, or natural gas, the internal temperature of the kiln can reach the specified temperature, which can increase the calcium carbonate decomposition rate and improve production efficiency. The temperature inside the kiln determines the quality of the lime output, so it must be strictly controlled. What is the impact of the temperature in the lime rotary kiln if it is too high or too low?

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The temperature of the lime rotary kiln is controlled by the flame, and the flame is controlled by the air flowing inside and outside the lime kiln at the same time. If the skin of the lime rotary kiln is too thin, the temperature of the kiln body will be higher. In this case, the flame length must be lengthened. At this time, the internal and external air should be appropriately increased at the same time. The flame shape is not good, and the flame diverges and washes the kiln skin and fire bricks. At this time, increase or even close the internal air flow, increase the amount of coal used in the rotary kiln head, increase the external air flow, extend the flame or move the coal injection pipe, change the position of the fire point, re-hang the kiln skin, and restore the deformity of the firing condition .

When the burning temperature of the lime rotary kiln develops from normal to low temperature, the fire will gradually darken and the shadow will move forward, so coal should be added in time. When the material changes from less to more, the flame is shortened, and the rear of the burning zone changes from bright to dark. Coal should be added as soon as possible. With the increase of pulverized coal, the primary air should be increased to ensure that the coal and air are fully mixed and the combustion is rapid and complete. At this time, the burning zone of the rotary kiln shows: the flame is slightly shorter and stronger, the color of the fire is brighter than normal, the skin of the rotary kiln is white, the black shadow is closer, the fine powder material in the clinker increases, and the dust is raised when the cooler is lowered. Larger, the clinker out of the cooler is greenish-gray and there are many small holes after smashing.

It can be seen that the stable temperature of the lime rotary kiln is better.

In order to ensure the efficient operation of the rotary kiln, we can measure the temperature through remote control, install a digital display meter in the equipment, and then reach the digital display meter through temperature conversion, so as to better grasp the temperature, adjust the temperature in time, and achieve high production and high production. Under the purpose, at the same time extend the service life of the equipment!