Antecedent Intro

As the important equivalent substitutes for cement production,GGBFS can not only significantly improve the overall performance of cement and concrete, but also significantly reduce the production cost. Now it has been widely used in cement plant, grinding station and steel factories as a new kind of high effectively admixtures. For this situation, we may say: "who first invests will first benefits."

Steel Slag
Nickel Slag
Manganese Slag

Also, Great Wall Machinery has constructed the first 600,000 t/a slag grinding line in this industry, with a waste slag( like blast furnace slag,Steel slag and nickel slag) analysis center .With the rich industry experience and advanced technology, Great Wall Machinery can provide the qualified turnkey service from research report, raw materials analysis, designing, equipment manufacturing, civil construction, installation, test and training.

Great Wall Machinery can undertake 20 tons --1.5 million tons of Blast furnace slag/Steel slag/Nickel slag/Manganese slag powder production EPC projects. Up to now, Great Wall Machinery has constructed more than 100 slag grinding production lines at home and abroad.

ROI Analysis

Slag grinding line investment returns analysis

Take our 600,000 t/a slag power production line as an example, the total investment of this project is RMB 50 million. It took into production on April, 2011. Within 2 years, all the investments has returned and now is benefits. The investment details list as below:

Project Indicator Practical operation
Start date Date of start running April 2011
Investment calculations Total investment 50 million
Cost calculation Raw material cost 70YUAN/T
Production costs 50 YUAN
Profit calculation Market sales prices 160 YUAN/T
Tons of profits 40 YUAN/T
Annual profit 40×600,000=24 million
Economic benefits Within 2 years, all the investments returned (currently in a State of pure profit)
Slag powder quality Fineness 500 m2/kg
7d Activity index About 100%
Activity index Pass GB S95

Suggestions for the equipment selection

Great Wall Machinery already has more than more than 100 customers recently, among them, the capacity of 1 million t/a, 600,000 t/a and 300,000 t/a has occupied more than 80%. Below sheet has show the main equipment specs and parameters of these three capacities.

Product specifications GRMS53.41 GRMS46.41 GRMS33.31
Annual production(tons) 1,000,000 600,000 300,000
Designed production(t/h) 150 90 45
Raw materials
input amount(t/h)
188 125 65
Actual output(t/h) 160 105 55
Final products
500 500 500
Power consumption
26.5 28.5 30
System power
35 37 42
Coal consumption
(equivalent to standard
17 18 18
Metal recovery of
per ton slag(%)
0.2-0.3 0.2-0.3 0.2-0.3

Production Process

The stacked slag is packed and feed by the forklift trucks, then transported by belt conveyor. During transmission, the slag will pass through the iron separator and vibrating screen, then through the weighing equipment and elevator, finally come into the vertical roller mill. With the hot air form cowper stove, the slag after grinding, will come through the separator, while drying. Slag meets the fineness requirement will pass through the separator, then delivered by air blower and elevator, finally come to the storage silo.

Vertical Roller Mill

Vertical roller mill Introduction

Vertical roller mill is typically designed to deal with industrial waste residue. Due to high physical and chemical activity, and potential hydraulicity, GGBS has been widely as admixture matters in the cement industry to replace the equal cement in the concrete to improve the quality and durability of the concrete.

After almost a decade cooperation with experts on vertical mill manufacturing and scientific research institutes both in home and abroad, the GRM series vertical mills dedicated to be developed and produced by Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery Co., Ltd, have the characteristics of reliable performance, compact structure, convenient maintenance and outstanding energy saving, etc., after incessant perfection. At present, we can produce the supporting raw material vertical mill, coal vertical mill, and cement vertical mill that can cater to 300-5000 t/d cement production line, and the series slag vertical mills with annual production capacity of 0.2 million tons, 0.3 million, 0.45million tons, 0.6 million rons,0.9 million tons and 1.2million tons.

Unique design idea and the characteristics

1.The compound separator improved power selection efficiency.

2.Has automatic function of roller uplifting and down falling and can realize idling startup.

3.Adopt the sealing of jointing arc board, simple and reliable in structure with good sealing effect.

4.Resorting to the roller turning equipment can conveniently turn the roller out of the mill for overhauling.

5.Mechanical limiting structure can avoid the direct metal friction and collision between roller and millstone, increasing the use security.

6.The operation pressure is low in hydraulic pressure system, decreasing the oil leaking failure and vibration of mill, which is conducive to operation and management.

7.Roller bearing adopts the concentrated cycle lubricating of thin oil, guaranteeing the running of bearing under the conditions of low temperature and pure grease and effectively prolonging the longevity of bearing.

Vertical Roller Mill Structure

Below is the structure of the vertical roller mill diagram, which is composed of a separator, roll grinding, grinding, pressure device, reducer, motor, shell and other components. The separator is an important component for ensuring product fineness, it consists of the drive system, rotor, guide vanes, a shell, a coarse powder blanking cone outlet, etc.

The grinding roller is the main components of compacted crushed to the material, which is composed of the roller sleeve and roll heart, axle and bearing and roller bracket etc.. Each friction has 2 ~ 4 grinding roller.

Grinding disc is fixed on the reducer shaft, driven by the speed reducer rotating disc.

The pressure device is provided an important part of grinding pressure, which is composed of high pressure oil station, a hydraulic cylinder, a pull rod, an energy accumulator and the like, can exert enough pressure to make the material crushing and grinding roller. But the spring pressure device.

Vertical roller mill working principle

The material through the feed tube fell into the center of grinding plate, and then the materials outwards the surrounding area of grinding plate at centrifugal force, to forms a certain thick layer of materials bed, at the same time material was crushed by number of vertical mill rollers.

The materials continuous moving to the outer edge of the grinding plate, off the grinding plate materials rising with the hot air which enter from wind ring into the vertical roller mill, through the vertical roller mill shell into the middle of the separator, in this course materials and hot gas got a fully heat exchange, the water quickly evaporates. Separator controls the finished product output size, greater than the specified size are separated and fall back to the plate, while meet the fineness demands are brought through the separator into the finished product warehouse.

Advantage of GRM

High efficiency and low power consumption in powder milling
The consumption of material is low in unit product
Low noise in material powder milling, operate with negative pressure, low dust pollution
Simple in technology flow, meanwhile finish the function of material powder milling, drying and selection
With easy operation system, saving labor cost.
Low area occupying, compact allocation, light weight in system equipment and low investment in civil construction

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