Our Service Commitment

At GREAT WALL Machinery, we see the pursuit of customer satisfaction as a route to success. Our one-stop, single-window service increases your purchase efficiency by reducing the bureaucratic hurdles to complete the import and export process. Enforcing a strict quality control system while improving our service level ensures we take care of your turnkey project down to the last detail, from design, through manufacture, on-site installation, and commissioning, to final benchmarking.

To be specific, our integrated services mainly cover the following three aspects.
Our technical experts are on hand to provide necessary design assistance. This makes sure that your investment pays for itself very well.
1. We offer you advice on model selection based on your specific need.
2. New product can be designed and manufactured according to your special requirements.
3. Our engineers undertake to design the site layout, optimize the process flow, and work out the processing solution.

Sales Follow-Up
At GREAT WALL Machinery, we fully respect our customers and would like to communicate with you on any possible improvement we can make in your present and next purchase. The purpose of our follow-up service is to maximize your value.
1. We love and respect each of your reviews on the purchase in effort to reach a win-win deal.
2. We take the initiative to contact you on how far the project has progressed. This is to ensure your project will be done right and on time.
3. We assist you in drawing up the construction plan.

After-Sales Service
The moment your purchase is completed does not mean the end of our service. A continuous, reliable after-sales service helps you solve your problems thereafter.
1. We send specialized service men to your site and assist you in installation and commissioning.
2. We appoint our technicians to train your operation staff so that your men can operate the machine smoothly and properly.
3. Each piece of equipment is given a one-year warranty.
4. Please contact us for any problems arising during use. If we can not solve your problem via phone, we would like to send technicians for on-site service.
5. Any time you need spare parts, please give us a call.

You can reach us at sales@gwmcn.com.

Service Team

Our service team is made up of 28 experienced engineers and technicians, who have years of hands-on experience in large-scale machinery installation, commissioning, operation training, repair, and consultancy. Among them, there are 8 mechanical engineers, 6 electrical engineers, and 7 civil engineers.

In addition, we appoint the chief expert in Chinese vertical roller mill industry to be our technical consultant, and maintain collaborative relationships with Tianjin Cement Industry Design & Research Institute and Henan Cement Industry Design & Research Institute.

Cohesive, aspiring, and responsible are three words that best define our team where 80% of us hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. By taking advantages of our knowledge and skills, we are all poised to provide you with standardized, professional, diversified, and individualized services.

Service Network

From day one, GREAT WALL Machinery has been seeking win-win solutions together with our customers by creating an extensive service network.

At the core of our service system is a professional team that delivers standard, high-efficiency, and consistently good-quality services. Presently, our service network covers Central China, East China, Southern China, Northern China, and Northwestern China, among various other regions. As our sale is still on the increase, we take steps to improve our after-sales service system. At the moment, we are expanding our service area beyond China to countries all over the world.