Industry News

    1. Shaft Kiln Outstanding Advantages

      19 Nov,2020

      Shaft kiln’s energy conservation.Shaft kiln’s heat preservation. Shaft kiln’s refractory material’s long service life. Shaft kiln’s good sealing.Shaft kiln’s fuel adaptability’s extensive.Shaft kiln’s small floor space. Shaft kiln’s less investment.
    1. Introduction and working principle of shaft kiln

      19 Nov,2020

      Shaft kiln, just as its name implies, is a kiln with erected shape. Shaft kiln with modern new technology has environmental protection function, energy-saving function, high mechanization, and high automaticity.
    1. The structure and working principle of cement ball mill

      04 Nov,2020

      Cement ball mills typically have two grinding chambers. The first chamber is filled with larger diameter grinding media and lined with lifting liners. The first chamber coarse-grinds the feed material and prepares it for the second chamber.
    1. Cement manufacturing process-CHAENG

      26 Oct,2020

      Different minerals need to be mined in order to make cement. Limestone (containing the mineral calcite), clay, and gypsum make up most of it. The cement raw materials, especially limestone, are geologically widespread.
    1. CAHENG tell you How to purchase the vertical roller mill

      23 Oct,2020

      Chaeng vertical mill parts manufacturer, advice to the masses of customers friend should prepare more parts everyday, so that a rainy day. The Great Wall mechanical tell you the solution,what shall you notice as your purchasing?
    1. How to Increase Service Life of Vertical Mill Grinding Rollers?

      23 Oct,2020

      CHAENG has rich experience in roller surfacing welding, with a good reputation in the cement industry. CHAENG is a professional expert in surfacing welding for grinding rollers of slag vertical mill, cement vertical mill, raw material vertical mill, nicke