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    1. Rotary kiln shell spare parts manufacturer-Xinxiang Great Wall

      26 Sep,2021

      In large-scale machinery and equipment, the rotary kiln shell is used as the support and rotating part of the equipment. During the operation of the equipment, under high temperature conditions for a long time, because the kiln mouth sections are often bu
    1. Can the vertical roller mill realize the recycling of nickel slag?

      23 Sep,2021

      Nickel slag is an industrial waste produced by laterite nickel ore in the process of smelting nickel-iron alloys or refining metallic nickel. It is also called stainless steel slag or nickel-iron slag. At present, the comprehensive utilization rate of nic
    1. In which season is the tyre of the rotary kiln tyre to breakage?

      18 Sep,2021

      Kiln tyre is a large round steel casting, mostly used in rotary kiln equipment. Due to its large volume, long production cycle, large force, large torque and other factors, once the tyre has quality problems, it will not only increase Enterprise maintenan
    1. Steel slag vertical mill helps steel companies to transform

      02 Sep,2021

      The research and development of the steel slag vertical mill has solved several major problems in the treatment of steel slag, which obviously eliminates the harmful substances in the steel slag, realizes the separation of slag and iron, and also guarante