How to distinguish cast steel from cast iron in our life

1, starting from the brightness, steel casting will shine produced by large cast steel plants , and cast iron will be dark and gray, there will be gray mouth inside which is different from ball mill iron, which ductile iron will be better than gray iron Shine

2, particles can also be used to distinguish, cast steel particles are relatively tight, our eyes are invisible, while gray iron and ductile iron particles can be seen by our eyes, and gray iron particles will be slightly larger ;

3, the sound can also be discerned, the sound of cast steel and cast iron collided together is not the same;

4. With gas cutting, the surface of the cast steel piece is rough, and the riser and gate area are both removed by gas cutting. The gas cutting of the ductile iron will be cut continuously;

5. The toughness of the two of them is also different. The toughness of the cast steel is close to that of the steel plate, and the toughness of the ductile iron is slightly worse than that of the cast steel, and the gray mouth has no toughness;

6. What is the difference between Ma Steel and ductile iron: the hardness of ductile iron and the wear resistance, the tensile strength is far greater than that of Ma Steel, and its tensile strength needs to be greater than one thousand Pa, ductile iron can Used to cast shafts or components with high strength such as gears. The sound produced by the Ma Steel castings will be sharper and shorter, and the sound produced by the ball-milled cast iron will be louder and more echogenic. Both of these are iron-carbon alloys, but because of the different chemical composition ratios, they have different mechanical properties, and the various aspects used are also different.

steel casting

For example, in the process of casting, the elongation performance and the area shrinkage rate and the impact rate of cast iron are lower than that of cast steel, but the compressive strength and the shock resistance of cast iron are much better than cast steel. Gray cast iron has better fluidity than cast steel and is more suitable for casting more complex thin wall parts than cast steel. In the research department of the large cast steel mill, the bending test proved that the cast iron is brittle fracture, the cast steel will be bent and deformed, and they will be suitable for many different required parts.

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