Riding ring for rotary kiln, casting process advantages of CHAENG

The riding ring for rotary kiln, also known as the kiln tyre, is one of the main components on the rotary kiln equipment. The function of the riding ring is to transfer the entire gravity of the cylinder to the supporting roller, and make the cylinder smoothly rotate on the supporting roller, so the riding ring must have sufficient strength and durability; at the same time, the riding ring is the part to reinforce radial stiffness of kiln cylinder, it should therefore ensure sufficient stiffness.


How does CHAENG ensure the excellent performance of the riding ring for rotary kiln?

1. Before pouring, the casting process was numerically simulated by CAE software, and the process analysis and quality prediction of the product forming process were carried out, and the casting process of the riding ring was continuously optimized.

2. The metallurgical devices are complete and the overall size is well controlled. The water glass sand molding process can prevent the occurrence of hot cracks in the castings. At the same time, the pit shape is adopted, which is not affected by the season and has high production efficiency.

3. CHAENG uses ZG45 and ZG42CrMO high-quality materials to ensure the strength and toughness of the riding ring.

4. The riding ring made by CHAENG is treated by advanced double-medium quenching process, with high quenching hardness and high toughness value, which makes the riding ring have good wear resistance and can adapt to all kinds of bad work surroundings. 

5. CHAENG has a professional polishing and finishing team, large-scale shot peening equipment, which can effectively improve the appearance quality of the riding ring, make its surface finish meet customer requirements, and use advanced flaw detection equipment to perform non-destructive testing on each riding ring to ensure internal quality. 

kiln tyre.jpg

The riding rings for rotary kiln produced by CHAENG have been purchased and used by many well-known overseas companies such as Italy, Turkey and Chicago. 

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