The kiln tyre and the kiln support roller of CHAENG were successfully delivered.

Xinxiang Great Wall Steel Casting ushered in a small batch of delivery peaks this month. The 4 kiln tyres and 10 kiln support rollers have customized in our factory have been processed and started to ship.

kiln tyres.jpg

Good products are all experienced and scrutinized by time. The same casting companies that have a sense of trust and high attention are also required to pass the test of time and facts. The trust of customers and the support are the driving force for us. The kiln tyre and support rollers processed for the customers in the Philippines have also strengthened our determination to be bigger and longer.

kiln support roller.jpg

kiln tyre and kiln support roller.jpg

kiln tyre and kiln support roller.jpgIn this era of speaking with quality, quality is a problem that customers care about. For this reason, Great Wall Steel Casting uses its exquisite technology, professional technical team and casting equipment, fast and perfect service to provide customers with quality products and Services, as of now, we have shipped to more than 60 countries and regions, and in the future we will provide partners with more excellent steel casting products.

    CHAENG will participate in The Bright World of Metals in Germany, Welcome your arrival! ×