What casting parts of cement plant can you find from CHAENG?

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of steel castings for the building materials industry, CHAENG (Great Wall Steel Casting) continuously develops technology for manufacturing of steel castings, innovates independently, and enhances the technological level of the enterprise.

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At CHAENG, you can customize large-scale steel castings with a unit weight of more than 1 ton for your cement plant ball mill, vertical roller mill, rotary kiln, crusher and so on.

Main steel casting parts for rotary kiln: girth gear, tyre (riding ring), support roller, kiln shell, etc.

cement plant parts.jpg

Main steel casting parts for ball mill: girth gear, mill trunnion, mill hear, bearing housing, etc.

ball mill parts.jpg

Main steel casting parts for vertical roller mill: grinding roller, grinding table, rocker arm, bearing chock, etc.

vertical roller mill parts.jpg

CHAENG has the advanced casting equipment, strictly follows the national lever-2 detection standards, and executes 360° all-round nondestructive testing system, to ensure the reliable quality and long service life of steel castings. CHAENG is hailed as "high cost-effective steel castings manufacturer".