Vice governor of Henan Province came to the site survey of the sand and gravel aggregate production

On April 13, Wu Guoding, the deputy governor of Henan Province, led the investigators of the Provincial Water Conservancy Department, Development and Reform Commission, Industry and Information Department, Natural Resources Department, and Ecological Environment Department to investigate the work progress of river sand mining control and machine-made sand production in Huixian City.

At the site of the sand and aggregate EPC project with an annual output of 5 million tons constructed by CHAENG for Huixian Shangbali Sand Making Co., Ltd, the investigators listened to the introduction of samples of sand products. They were very glad when they heard that the performance of machine-made sand is comparable to that of natural sand and the machine-made gravel aggregate is of high quality, which can be used to produce high-quality commercial concrete.

sang making plant.jpg

As the contractor of the project, Wang Jizhong, chairman of CHAENG, introduced the detailed technology, intelligent application, ecological restoration and other specific conditions of this fine sand and gravel aggregate project to Vice Governor Wu Guoding and his party, and received high praise and recognition.

Vice Governor Wu Guoding emphasized that the promotion of machine-made sand is a fundamental solution to the problem of river sand mining and the contradiction between supply and demand of sand, and is the only way to promote the high-quality development of the green building materials industry. Huixian city uses waste ore and cobble to produce machine-made sand, realizes the localization and intelligentization of production equipment, and and carries out ecological restoration to the river bed. It can be seen as a great achievement and fully implemented Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought. All localities should learn from the experience of Huixian City. Through two years of hard work, strive to basically replace river sand with machine-made sand in the whole province, build a sand and stone industry system with balanced supply and demand, reasonable price, green environmental protection and high quality and efficiency. 


Additional reading:

The Shangbali sand making project is a key project of Huixian City and a demonstration project of river sand and gravel crushing production line, which is of great significance. The project was contracted by CHAENG and took 5 months.

Sand and gravel aggregate production project constructed by CHAENG


1.Demonstration project of hard rock sand making, with high standard of ecological and environmental protection

It is one of the few large-scale demonstration cases of hard rock sand production in the industry. It can provide three products of high-quality natural sand, machine-made sand and aggregate, as well as soil, a by-product that can be used for farmland production, realizing the coordination of development and management, and practicing the concept of ecological priority and green development.

2.Good grain size grading, and high quality aggregate

The production line adopts the domestic advanced "three sections and one closed circuit" wet production process. It is equipped with new-type hydraulic cone crushers and high-efficiency vertical shaft impact crushers, with good output  grain type, reasonable grading and adjustable fineness modulus.

3.High intelligence

The advanced and reliable DCS central control system is used in production, and the combination of one-card loading system and ERP system is used in logistics and inventory management. The complete system is highly intelligent.