Coal vertical mill grinding station coal production line equipment selection investment

First, coal grinding low consumption, low emissions become a trend

"Coal upgrading and transformation of energy saving action plan (2014 - 2020)," pointed out that "the full implementation of 'saving, clean and safe' strategic energy policy,Implementation of more stringent environmental standards, energy efficiency, accelerate the upgrading and transformation of coal-fired power generation, efforts to achieve supply coal consumption, emissions, coal accounts for the proportion of energy consumption 'three reduces' ...... "clean and efficient use of coal thermal power plants become imperative to continue to develop.

At present, China mainly used in a chain grate coal-fired industrial boilers, the actual operation of the combustion efficiency, boiler thermal efficiency is lower than the international advanced level, soot, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide emissions from large, coal-fired thermal power plant boilers, the implementation of environmentally friendly coal system powder project has become a trend.


Second, coal vertical mill production line process introduced

1.raw coal from the coal yard through the lattice mesh sieve fall on the conveyor belt, the magnetic separator in addition to iron, coal conveyor belt into the coal bin for storage.

2.After the grinding system are up to open the valve rod bottom coal storage, metering start sealing tape to the coal mill stand, raw coal enters the mill stand for drying, grinding.

3.By the stove out of hot exhaust gases or cement production line, evacuating the system fan, the coal enters the vertical mill, and the mill was grinding coal sufficiently heat exchanged with pulverized coal from the sorting office in the separator coarse coal fineness failed again falls were grinding on the Grinding Table ,qualified pulverized coal into the air explosion-proof air box pulse dust collector is collected down through the sub-grid wheel unloading of coal warehouse.

4.raw coal debris, as part of the gangue, piece of metal, etc., through the air ring, Scum port outside thevertical mill.

Third,coal vertical mill grinding station coal production line equipment selection investment

CHAENG (Great Wall Machinery) currently producing new 25 tons of coal per hour vertical mill production line, so that the host device selection for the GRMC19.21 coal vertical mill, and supporting the response received powder feeder capacity requirements, system fan, stove, the whole production line power 1080KWH / t.


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Vertical mill grinding station coal production line renderings