The biggest gear rings supplier for ball mill, how much for the ball mill gear rings

Gearing is the key parts of the ball mill transmission parts, can be used in each type and dimension ball mill. Generally, ZG45, ZG42crom are specified used for gear ring production. The casting processing of the bearing seat surface integration gives the gear ring proper hardness, quality ductility &tenacity, long service span. And widely used in construction material, cement industry. So, how much are the ball mill gear rings?


CHAENG (Great Wall Machinery) is one of the domestic supplier of the gear ring,We are the biggest gear rings supplier​ , the max diameter of our product can reach to 12 meters, which is for the biggest ball mill in China at present. Our company powerful production capacity and good after-sales service are the main reasons that customer choose us both home and abroad.

For our gear ring adopts material with high purity and complicated processing technology, so it is not accurate to tell how much for for the gear ring, we will give the price after calculating of the technology .

As gear ring is the key part for the ball mill, we suggest the customer to choose the gear ring with high quality to reduce the risk of breaking down thus affect the production efficiency. After years” development, we keep modifying our technology to improve our product’s performance to guarantee our clients can purchase the gear ring with good quality and reasonable price. We want to be your preferred supplier when you need the gear rings.