How to choose more than 300 t/d vertical roller mill

 The vertical grinding mill equipment has a grinding fineness of 200-400 mesh, so the general processing material yield is large, and the grinding is not as fine as the Raymond mill, resulting in a decrease in yield. The grinding materials generally used for the concrete and cement mixture are ground by a vertical roller mill.

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Chaeng provides customers with vertical roller mill equipment with a daily output of more than 300 tons. The main model is the vertical mill of GRM series.

Structural features of the vertical mill relative to other grinding equipment:

1-The grinding disc has a fast rotation speed, high grinding efficiency and compact structure.

2-Simple operation, stable operation and low vibration.

3-The grinding part adopts the structure of horizontal grinding disc and conical grinding roller, the relative speed difference between the two is small, the metal consumption is low, the grinding parts are normally used for more than 8000 hours, and the repair is convenient.

The 4-roller sleeve and the disc liner have a small effect on the yield at the end of wear, and the yield reduction is <5%.

5- Drying ability is strong. It can use all kiln exhaust gas to dry 7% of raw materials, and use auxiliary heat source to dry 15~20% of raw materials.

The 6-sorting part adopts a dynamic and static combined high-efficiency cage type powder sorting machine. The raw material fineness control is strict and the adjustment is sensitive. The raw material fineness is R80μm=10~15%, R200μm≤1.0%.

7- Each grinding roller is relatively independent of the pressure pulverization of the material on the grinding disc, and partial grinding work can be carried out. The output of the four-roll mill can reach 70% of the rated output when working in two rolls.

The 8-roller lubrication is a thin oil circulation mode; the grinding roller bearing seal uses a three-way fluoroelastomer skeleton oil seal.

9-wind ring area and retaining ring height can be adjusted according to working conditions.

10-The grinding roller can be lifted by itself to realize the no-load start; the grinding roller can be automatically turned out of the casing by the action of the oil cylinder, and the maintenance is convenient.

Vertical roller mill applications:

1. In the cement industry, it is suitable for grinding cement raw materials, coal powder and cement clinker.

2. In the building materials and metallurgical industries, it is suitable for grinding high-fine slag powder and high-fine steel slag powder.

3. In the thermal power plant, it is suitable for the preparation of pulverized coal and the preparation of limestone powder for desulfurizer.


4. In the metallurgical, chemical and mining industries, it is suitable for grinding various ores and other industrial solid materials. The fineness of the product can be controlled between 100~1250 mesh (147~10um).