The environmental protection features of CHAENG Vertical roller mill

The environment is the material basis for human survival and development. Many countries and regions emphasize the protection of the environment while developing industry. Taking the protection of the ecological environment as the starting point, CHENG aims to develop a circular economy. It not only provides energy-saving and environmentally-friendly main equipment, but also provides customers with environmentally-friendly production of the total package production line to ensure the economic and environmental benefits of the company.

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CHAENG GRM series vertical mills continue to achieve new breakthroughs in energy-saving and environmental protection technology, providing more energy-saving and environmentally-friendly series of grinding equipment for the industry.

The vertical roller mill integrates grinding, drying, powder selection and conveying, all of which are completed under the negative pressure inside the mill, and the closed loop system is operated. The sealing performance of the equipment is good, no dust pollution and low noise. The gas discharged by the induced draft fan is a clean gas that meets environmental protection requirements.

GRM series vertical roller mill adopts advanced grinding method, and the grinding part adopts the structure of flat pan cone roller, which saves energy consumption by 30%~40% compared with ball mill. It not only reduces production costs, but also helps to reduce environmental pollution and achieve a win-win situation for both economic and environmental benefits.

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CHAENG can provide an annual output of 200,000-1.5 million tons of vertical mill equipment and its main EPC production line, welcome friends from all over the world to come to consult and inspect !!!

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