CHAENG: Perfect process to produce high quality ball mill trunnion, ball mill head

The ball mill trunnion /ball mill head is a very important component to support the moving load of the entire mill body and the grinding media, and is continuously operates under the action of alternating stress. Therefore, the ball mill trunnion /ball mill head is required to have good comprehensive mechanical properties in actual production, and there must be no casting defects such as shrinkage, air hole, sand inclusion, etc. 

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Scientific and reasonable process plan can improve the overall quality of the product and improve the production efficiency. To ensure the quality of castings, the key is to determine a correct process plan.

According to the working environment and operation characteristics of the ball mill trunnion, CHAENG adopts ZG230-450 material, and optimizes the production process. The performance of the ball mill trunnion made by CHAENG is reliable, which can well meet the long-term operation of the ball mill.

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Manufacturing process of CHAENG ball mill trunnion:

1. Simulation, modeling

CHAENG uses CAE software to simulate the casting process digitally. Through the numerical simulation technology, the process analysis and quality prediction of the product forming process are completed, to optimize the process optimization of ball mill trunnion. 

The water glass sand molding process can prevent the occurrence of hot cracks in steel castings. In addition, CHAENG adopts the pit modeling, which is not affected by the seasonal changes and has high production efficiency. 

2. Pouring and heat treatment

Sample hot metal and perform the spectral analysis. After qualification, start pouring according to the principle of "low temperature and quick casting", and the pouring time and temperature shall be recorded.

3. Finishing and flaw detection 

Cut the riser, flash, etc. Specialized polishing and finishing team, large-scale shot blasting equipment, effectively improve the appearance quality of the ball mill trunnion, and make its surface finish meet customer requirements. CHAENG use advanced flaw detection equipment to perform non-destructive testing on each ball mill trunnion to ensure the internal quality and strictly eliminate any defective products. 

The ball mill trunnion produced by CHAENG has high hardness and strong impact resistance performance, which greatly guarantees the stability of the trunnion under long-term operation and prolongs the service life. 

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