Cone crusher principle and equipment structure

During the working process of the stone cone crusher, the motor drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate by the transmission device, and the moving cone rotates under the eccentric bushing. The section of the moving cone close to the static cone becomes the crushing cavity, and the material is subjected to the moving cone and The static cone is crushed by multiple extrusions and impacts. When the moving cone leaves the section, the material that has been broken to the required particle size falls under its own gravity and is discharged from the bottom of the cone.

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The cone stone crusher is mainly composed of hydraulic system, sealing system and crushing cavity type system. The main components are frame, drive shaft, eccentric sleeve, spherical bearing, crushing cone, adjusting device, adjusting sleeve, spring and cutting port.

Hydraulic system: This machine has a hydraulic system to adjust the size of the crusher discharge port. The hydraulic system can effectively ensure the safe operation of the equipment. When there is foreign matter in the crushing chamber, the hydraulic system can automatically lower the moving cone. When the foreign matter is discharged, the system automatically resets the falling moving cone.

The seal is reliable and adopts the labyrinth seal device, which replaces the water seal used in the past, so that dust and impurities can not enter the human body, thus ensuring the cleaning of the lubricating oil, prolonging the service life of the sliding bearing and the thrust ball bearing, and it can make machine run reliably;

Crushing cavity type: The crushing cavity type refers to the geometric space formed between the moving cone and the fixed cone. The shape of the crushing chamber has a great influence on the performance of the whole machine. The crusher cavity type is the main technical index of the hydraulic cone crusher. The machine is designed in four sizes from coarse to fine, and it has six possible combinations, which means it is best suited to the user's specific requirements;

Crusher main frame assembly: The main frame of the crusher consists of the upper frame and the lower frame. The two are connected by hydraulic cylinders. There are wear-resistant lining plates and protective covers. The upper frame is welded and the upper port is welded. The copper plate and the lower frame are integral steel castings.

Spindle assembly: The main shaft of the lower frame of the main shaft and the main frame is assembled with a small interference of the tapered surface. The main shaft has axial and radial lubricating oil holes.

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