CHAENG provides you with high-quality product processing processes

Many problems need to be paid attention to when processing large steel castings, so the production requirements will increase a lot, and the difficulty of processing will also follow. During the processing of CHAENG, the drawings of the products to be processed by the customer will be checked in advance. After the technicians have checked the drawings and confirmed whether they can meet the processing requirements, they will determine whether to process.

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Compared with ordinary castings, large-scale steel castings are relatively large in size and weight, so the accuracy requirements are also high. All are processed according to the size specified by the customer. During the processing, we will pass multiple passes. After the processing, the appearance quality and internal quality will reach the factory standard.


If you want to process high-quality large-scale steel castings, choose CHAENG. We not only provide you with high-quality products, but also provide you with comfortable services.

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