Characteristics of vertical roller mill grinding slag/ggbfs/ggbs

In terms of industrial waste slag grinding, the main needs to be studied are the selection of raw materials and the fineness. At present, the types of waste slags discharged by domestic industries are: slag, fly ash, steel slag and silica fume. Although silica fume is an English paper cup high-performance concrete, its price is high and the output is small, which cannot meet the requirements for preparing high-performance concrete in large quantities. And slag, fly ash and steel slag as the main grinding raw materials, rich in resources, relatively wide production and application.

At present, the slag grinding technology mainly adopts the production process of vertical mill and ball mill. The equipment selected for the two processes is different, which will affect the overall production yield and fineness.

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The vertical mill system is characterized by high efficiency and low power consumption; grinding, powder selection and drying are completed in the mill at the same time, and the system is simple. The material is suspended in the vertical mill and has multiple cycles of coarse powder. The heat exchange is sufficient, so the drying ability is strong. The stability of the material bed prevents vibration. The wear of the grinding discs and rollers is a difficult point for slag grinding in the vertical mill. Another problem is that the system investment is relatively large, but at the same time the return on investment is relatively high.

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Xinxiang Great Wall is able to design part of the parameters of the vertical mill according to the characteristics of the slag provided by the customer. Among them, the GRMS series of slag vertical mill produced by Xinxiang Great Wall can adjust the requirements of the slag powder produced by the customer and meet the annual output 200,000 to 1.5 million tons of slag fine powder production line project.

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