Precautions for processing of rotary kiln tyre

I think many people are interested in casting knowledge, especially the processing of large-scale cast steel rotary kiln tyre. Today, the cast steel manufacturers will tell you about the processing of kiln tyre.

1. Need to find the center of the kiln tyre when processing, and ensure that the inner and outer circles have a proper amount of processing.

2. The bottom surface of the wheel belt needs to be processed less, and only light can be seen. The bottom surface can be machined in one place without defects. For example, if there is a margin of about a few millimeters, it needs to be refinished.

3. The height direction allows more processing at the top, and the operator needs to pay attention while processing.

rotary kiln tyres.jpg

4.The processing method of the kiln tyre is divided into two processes: roughing and finishing. Pay attention to the need for a certain margin on one side during roughing.

5. The dimensions of the finished outer circle and the height direction need to be controlled according to the amount deviation. It can also facilitate the occurrence of defects during finishing and then finish the welding.

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