What are the advantages of casting steel parts?

As society develops more and more advanced, the demand for some equipment will become higher and higher. Occupation has also undergone development changes, and people are no longer satisfied with more common castings, and more devices have also been produced and developed. Large-scale steel casting manufacturers are also adding and casting steel castings every year. It also has many advantages. CHAENG will list the advantages of steel castings.

steel casting.jpg 

1. Have good design sensitivity. The design is selective, especially the more messy shapes and hollow parts. Steel castings can be cast in a more unique process based on the core casting. For example, CHAENG uses water glass sand to cast the model, and then is processed by other processes after casting. It is relatively easy to form and easy to change shape, and can quickly make products based on drawings, which can shorten the delivery time.

2. You can meet different project requirements based on different chemical compositions or organizational structures, and different heat treatment processes can also choose mechanical functions. This property can be used in a wide range and can also improve the corresponding solderability and in use.

3. Compared with cast iron, its strength is still more prominent. The reliability of the project is better. It can not only reduce weight or increase weight, but also shorten delivery time. Therefore, in terms of price and economy, both Can get the corresponding advantages.

4. The size of steel castings is also adjusted according to the needs of the project. Large-scale steel casting manufacturers produce tens of tons or even hundreds of tons.

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