Rotary kiln support roller damage forms

The support roller is an important part of the rotary kiln. The quality of the support roller directly affects the operating quality of the rotary kiln.

There are many forms of damage to the rotary kiln support roller.

First of all, the surface of support roller is crushed and peeled off. The causes are mostly casting defects, excessive local stress, etc., which cause fatigue drop of metal materials.

Second, due to the poor contact accuracy between the support roller shaft and the tile, the shaft and the tile are heated and brushed, and irregular wear is caused.

Third, the cracking of the support roller and the shaft slipping are mostly caused by the excessive interference of the assembly and the casting defects causing the support roller to crack from the end.

Fourth, the shaft is broken. The reason for shaft breakage is generally that the interference is too large, causing the neck of the shaft and the supporting roller to shrink at the end, resulting in shaft breakage due to stress concentration. Of course, the fracture caused by manufacturing defects cannot be ruled out.

Fifth, the use time of the supporting roller is long, the wear is severe, and the steps are seriously affected, which seriously affects the quality of the operation, and the kiln up and down series is affected. It can be understood that the life has come to an end and needs to be replaced.

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CHAENG is experienced in providing quality rotary kiln support roller:

1.ZG55, ZG42CrMo material has excellent quality

The support roller device consists of a pair of supporting rollers, four pairs of bearings and a large base. The selection of the supporting roller device is very important. The CHAENG support roller for kiln is generally made of ZG55, ZG42CrMo and other materials. The quality is guaranteed and it can also carry a larger load.

2.Rotary kiln supporting roller adopts normalizing and tempering process, hardness is higher than 200HB

The rotary kiln support roller of CHAENG have the characteristics of simple structure and convenient maintenance, and are processed by normalizing and tempering. The hardness is higher than 200HB, which greatly guarantees the quality of rotary kiln supporting roller device.