Why Choose Cement Vertical Mill?

In recent years, with the need for large-scaled cement grinding and energy-saving, cement vertical mill becomes the mainstream of cement mill. As we all know, there are some kinds of cement grinding mill on the market, such as cement ball mill, cement vertical mill, cement roller press, etc. Why choose cement vertical mill?

There are two questions need to be clear before learning why choose cement vertical mill, what is cement vertical mill and what cement vertical do?

1.What is cement vertical mill?

As one of the necessary cement equipment, cement vertical mill is usually used to grind raw meal or cement clinker in the cement plant. As the name applied, cement vertical mill is vertical and large-sized cement mill, widely applied to cement, chemical and other industry. Cement vertical mill has two typical features as follows:

Large stand-alone output: Cement vertical mill is suitable for large-scale production, because the cement vertical mill has a large production capacity up to 100 tons, which can meet the need of large-scale production of enterprises. The process of cement vertical mill is clean because the vertical grinding process has less pollution and has a small impact on the natural environment. The low iron content effectively improves product quality. The intelligent control uses PLC intelligent control system in the vertical grinding process to achieve unmanned operation, and the device operation data can be grasped through the mobile terminal.

Precise granularity control: The control of the vertical mill is very convenient, and it can accurately cut the particle size. The centralized distribution can meet the needs for different products. The cement vertical mill has the functions of automatic slag discharge and sand discharge, which can discharge particles such as semi-finished products in lime to increase the calcium oxide content, optimize the quality of the finished powder and achieve precise particle size control. In addition, the cement vertical mill has low noise and low dust. The vertical machine uses the principle of material bed crushing, so the grinding roller does not directly contact the grinding disc to maintain stable operation and low noise.

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2.What does cement vertical mill do?

Grinding operation

The cement vertical mill can quickly grind different raw materials into the required fineness. As the vertical mill uses a motor to drive the grinding disc to rotate the powder, not only the speed is high, but also the system is convenient, material enters the system from the feeding port, it is ground into a powder and out of the cement vertical mill with airflow, it will be collected into the packaging bag together for next process.

Crushing operation

The vertical mill has a professional grinding disc with sufficient toughness and abrasion resistance, and it has a large range of particle sizes that can meet many types of material crushing, which helps users effectively crush materials of different sizes of particles. Therefore, many enterprises will choose to use cement vertical mills, mainly because they can process a wide range and categories without much restriction.

Drying operation

In the cement or chemical industry and mining industry, it is necessary to use a cement vertical mill for drying treatment. The material is processed by dehydration and baking to achieve processing conditions. The drying technology of the cement vertical mill can not only set the baking conditions according to requirements but also meet the requirements of the moisture content of the raw materials for rapid processing and baking. The cement vertical mill can help enterprises intelligently adjust the inlet air temperature to achieve moisture baking requirements.

3.Advantages of cement vertical mill

High efficiency

Cement vertical mill is a new type of energy-saving and consumption-reducing cement equipment. It is the best in production capacity and energy consumption among cement mills. Cement vertical mill has a large single-production capacity that can use low voltage and has high grinding efficiency and low energy consumption. Compared with the cement ball mill, the energy consumption is reduced and the roller limiting device can avoid the severe vibration caused by the material rupture. At the same time, the roller sealing can further reduce the oxygen content in the cement vertical mill and suppress the explosion. It has excellent properties to be the first choice for coal, cement, slag, and other industries.

Low cost

The cement vertical mill has been promoted in the product design and structural characteristics. The roller sleeve can be used to turn over and prolong the service life of the wear-resistant materials. The grinding roller and the disc liner are made of special materials to effectively ensure the service life. The rollers with hydraulics can be turned out of the machine which facilitates maintenance and maintenance operations.

In addition, the cement vertical mill is a vacuum suction product, which can effectively prevent the dust from rising during the milling process. Furthermore, the cement vertical mill has a low maintenance cost, the direct contact between abrasive parts is low, the damage rate is low, the wear life of wear parts is long.

Environmental protection

The vertical grinding system of the cement vertical mill is hermetically sealed and operates under complete negative pressure. The whole system has low vibration and low noise. The high-tech pulsed dust collector reduces dust emission, achieves high dust collection efficiency and creates a clean working space. The setting equipment for cement vertical mill is a set of drying, grinding, conveying, process and other procedures in one. Its operation is very simple. The overall system equipment configuration is compact and the construction cost is low, which reduces the overall investment cost for the enterprise.

In conclusion, it can be seen that the reason why cement vertical mills have attracted the attention and are the first choice of companies in various fields, there are some aspects like we mentioned above, including high efficiency, strong stability and the rich variety of processing operations, low cost, environment-friendly, etc. In a word, cement vertical mill can earn more profits for the clients.