Top 3 Tips For Cement Grinding Machine You Should Know

Do you really know the cement grinding machine? Most of the answers may be no. Cement grinding machine also called cement grinding mill, which is used to grind raw material or clinker into the finished product. Cement grinding mill is always one of the core cement equipment in the turnkey cement grinding plant. Generally, there are many types of cement grinding machine, such as cement ball mill, vertical cement mill, cement roller press, etc. As for the applications, the cement grinding machine can be used as a cement raw mill and cement mill.

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As we all know, the right cement equipment can improve processes, productivity, the capacity of the cement plant.

For a cement plant owner or someone who wants to build a new cement plant, you need a clear vision that addresses both your short- and long-term needs. Why? Not only save time and resources but also avoid costly quick fixes.

Follow these tips to help ensure that your cement grinding in success or make the right cement grinding machine purchase.

1.Open-circuit system and closed-circuit system, which is better?

The open-circuit system has no screening equipment, the first grinding product from the cement grinding machine is the finished cement. (referred to as “open current”); After the material is ground, it must be sorted by the screening equipment, and the qualified fine powder shall be treated as the finished product, while the unqualified coarse powder shall be returned to the cement grinding machine to be ground again. The cement grinding system is called the closed-circuit system (referred to as ring flow).

Open-circuit system: simple process, simple operation, less capital investment. But it is easy to produce the problem of over-grinding, that is, all the materials in the grinding mill must reach the qualified fineness before finishing; When some materials that are easy to be finely ground are ground in advance, a buffer layer is formed in the cement mill to prevent the grinding of other materials, reducing the grinding efficiency and the output of the mill, and increasing the power consumption.

Closed-circuit system: it is the opposite of open-circuit systems. It can eliminate the phenomenon of grinding, reduce the temperature in the cement grinding mill, so grinding efficiency is high, and output is also high, the cement mill output can generally increase 10 ~ 20%, raw mill in cement plant output can increase about 30%. however, the Closed-circuit system has a complex process, too many types of equipment, a high requirement for operation management technology, and large infrastructure investment.

2. How to choose the right solution for cement grinding?

There are three common kinds of cement grinding machines to choose as we mentioned above, including cement ball mill, vertical cement mill, cement roller press. According to a real application, we choose a suitable group. Here are three cement grinding system: cement roller press and cement ball mill(with 0-sepa separator), cement roller press and cement ball mill(with swirl separator), vertical cement mill and cement ball mill.

Cement roller press and cement ball mill(with 0-sepa separator): This system is mainly composed of a v-type separator, cement roller press, cyclone dust collector, cement ball mill and 0-sepa separator. The cement ball mill system is a closed-circuit system. The process is complex, the equipment and civil construction investment are high, especially the size of the powder separator is large, more area occupied; a large number of fans increases the system power consumption; the output is higher than that of the open circuit system. In particular, the temperature of cement is lower, and the quality of cement is obviously better than that of the open circuit system. Because the cement roller press and long ball mill system produce some problems of over grinding, so, the fine and long ball mill is changed into a short and thick ball mill.

Cement roller press and cement ball mill(with swirl separator): This system mainly consists of v-type powder separator, roller press, ball mill, and swirl separator. The ball mill system is also a closed-circuit system. Another process is similar to the first one.

Vertical cement mill and cement ball mill: This system mainly includes vertical cement mill, combined separator, cement ball mill, and 0-sepa separator. The cement ball mill system is a closed-circuit system like other types. In this system, the vertical cement mill is used as the pre-pulverizing equipment, and the system is equipped with a separate vent system. The gas extracted from the cement ball mill is used as primary air, secondary air and tertiary air of 0-sepa separator as ambient air. The equipment investment is relatively high, but the civil construction cost is low because the vertical cement mill can be arranged in the open air; And the maintenance capacity of the vertical cement mill is less than that of the cement roller press, so the operating rate is higher.

It can be seen from the above analysis that each system has a similar process, advantages and disadvantages, and similar energy consumption, which can be selected as the scheme according to the actual demand.

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3. How to choose cement grinding machine specification?

The cement mill manufacturers on the market are various, selection of cement grinding machine specification is more, when we choose the models, how to choose suitable specifications of cement grinding machine, you can follow the following two principles: one is the production capacity requirements, the production of high and low is proportional to the size of cement grinding mill; The second factor is expected investment, after all, it is more economical to buy within the scope of your own funds.