What are the factors related to the output of Impact crusher

impact crusher is a kind of crusher equipment favored by consumers in the current market. It has become the main crushing equipment of stone factory by its super adaptability, super high output and super low cost. 

Output is a key indicator to measure the performance and quality of a stone crusher. There is no doubt that the impact crusher with high output will be more popular with consumers. So how many tons of materials can the impact crusher produce in one hour? Make a brief explanation for everyone.

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Factors affecting the hourly output of impact crusher

How many tons of materials the impact crusher can handle per hour will not only be affected by the performance and quality of the equipment itself, but also by various factors such as the characteristics of the materials and the operational proficiency.

1. The performance and quality of the equipment itself

The performance and quality of the impact crusher will directly have an important impact on the output. The impact crusher produced by some manufacturers adopts more mature technology, more sophisticated materials, lower failure rate during operation, lower wear rate, and more operation stable, the passing rate of materials will naturally be higher, and the output will be higher. On the contrary, the output of the general performance impact crusher will be lower.

2. Material characteristics

The characteristics of material hardness and humidity are also key factors affecting output. For example, for materials with relatively high hardness and humidity, clogging is easy to occur during the crushing process. The crushing process is more difficult, and the output is naturally low. And materials with low humidity are easy to break, and the processing capacity per hour is naturally high.

3. Operation proficiency

If the operator is not very familiar with the performance and operation process of the impact crusher, it is very easy to make mistakes in the operation process, which will not only damage the quality of the equipment, but also affect the output. It can be seen that the more the operator is Familiar, the easier the operation, the higher the equipment output.