How to Increase Service Life of Vertical Mill Grinding Rollers?

CHAENG has rich experience in roller surfacing welding, with a good reputation in the cement industry. CHAENG is a professional expert in surfacing welding for grinding rollers of slag vertical mill, cement vertical mill, raw material vertical mill, nickel vertical mill, etc.

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Advantages of surfacing welding: 

High machining precision, suitable for on-site processing, low cost, original size keeping; suitable for on-site processing, high efficiency; suitable for site construction, short surfacing welding period and original size keeping, high bonding strength, minimum residual stress, etc.  

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vertical mill.jpg

After the surfacing welding characters:   

1. Surface hardness: surface hardness of welding surface (HRC: 58-63). 

2. Quality: No peeling of welding layer, uniform surface, distribution of short, longitudinal, balanced sorted polygons; original size keeping. 

3. Service life: 8,000-10,000 hours. 

Recently CHAENG focuses on manufacture and development of vertical roller mills basing on strong technical strength, scientific management. With high quality, competitive price, reach customers’ requirements. CHAENG Vertical Mills have been widely applied in various domestic power plant, cement factories and other related industries. Product quality is stable and has got widespread high reputation from customers. We insist in providing the best service for you.