CAHENG tell you How to purchase the vertical roller mill

A lot of customers don't know how to deal with ,when the parts of vertical roller mill (such as grinding roller and grinding table, etc.)were damaged,.Chaeng vertical mill parts manufacturer, advice to the masses of customers friend  should prepare more  parts everyday, so that a rainy day. The Great Wall mechanical tell you the solution,what shall you notice as your purchasing?

1:Check the logo and trademark is complete or not

The authentic product packaging is good with clear handwriting on the box and overprint is bright clours.the packing box, bag, shall be marked with product name, specifications, quantity, a registered trademark, factory name and address, telephone number, etc., some manufacturer also print their logo on the parts.

2:Check the geometric dimensioning deformation

Some parts are easy to deformation for improper manufacture,transport,storage,Spare parts in the process of handling,storage,due to vibration, knock against,often in combination position have burrs, indentation,breakage or crack, affect the use of the parts.When the choose and buy,we should pay attention to check it.

slag mill.jpg

3:Check the surface of parts is rust or not

Qualified spare parts surface,there are both certain accuracy and polished finish, the more important parts, precision is higher, more rigorous rustproof packaging.When choose and buy ,should pay attention to check it , if found parts with rust spots, mildew spots or rubber parts cracked, loss of elasticity, or shaft neck surface has obvious pattern of the lathe tool, should be changed.

4:Check the assembly parts is complete or not

Complete normal assembly parts must be in good condition,to ensure the normal operation of assembly and work smoothly.If some individual small parts on the assembly parts is neglected loading,will make the assembly parts will not work, even scrapped.

vertical slag mill.jpg

5:Can't choose cheaper price

Fake goods price is usually cheaper than the real thing a dozen times, of course, this is the difference in quality,when consumer is purchasing, must understand the cheap products is with normal discount or at a reduced price ,guarantee buy original accessories.