The causes of deformation of the rotary kiln shell

Rotary kiln can be divided into cement rotary kiln, metallurgical rotary kiln, chemical rotary kiln and lime rotary kiln according to different materials. Regardless of the type of kiln, the kiln shell is a key component of the equipment.


The causes of deformation of the rotary kiln shell

1. Over-high output increases the wear of kiln mouth shell, and causes the overheat deformation of the kiln shell.

2. The heat flow is too large but the cooling zone is short, and the working environment of the kiln mouth is poor.

3. The cylinder temperature is too high, the thermal expansion is large, while the strength of the high temperature resistant materials is seriously attenuated.

4. The guard bolts at kiln mouth are loosen, so that the refractory materials fall off, and thus the shell is burnt.

5. Improper handling during burning contaminated soil causes severe corrosion of the cylinder shell.

6. The corrosion of sulfur, phosphorus and chlorine on the kiln shell reduces the thickness and strength of the kiln cylinder, also reduces the plasticity of the steel and increases the brittleness of the steel, which may lead to brittle failure of the kiln cylinder.


It can be concluded that it is very necessary to regularly detect the running condition of the components, and timely find problems, to improve the economic benefits of the enterprise, and effectively extend the service life of the equipment!