The making process of rotary kiln shell by china top manufacturer

After years of development and experience, CHAENG has accumulated rich experience in casting, and has a large casting base in the north of Henan. Continuously introducing advanced casting equipment at home and abroad, and optimizing the process technology, CHAENG forms a systematic production process to ensure the quality of castings.

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Making process of rotary kiln shell introduction

The rotary kiln shell is made of steel plate such as boiler plate and Q235C plate, requiring highly on dimensional accuracy and geometric tolerances.

Due to transportation reasons, the rotary kiln is composed of shell segments. Because the outer circle of the kiln cylinder is not processed, the perpendicularity of the end face to the center of rotation cannot be directly measured. In the process design, the perpendicularity of the end face is converted into parallelism and the coincidence of the axes at both ends according to the structure of the cylinder.

CHAENG adopts local forming method to design specific manufacturing process and welding method of single-segment cylinder according to the detailed requirements of the drawings. After the assembly and welding of the cylinder, perform the post-weld treatment, including non-destructive testing, post-weld heat treatment and pressure resistance test to ensure the high quality of kiln shell.

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