Cement Industry Cement Production Line Description:

Cement Industry Description:

Cement is one of the basis in the modern construction works. Cement is a binder.  Currently the main part of cement (Portland cement) is made from calcined limestone. In a second phase calcined limestone (Clinker) is grinded and mixed with other ingredients to make the finished cement.


The main processes in cement manufacturing:

-Clinkerization process: To transform the limestone into clinker (calcined limestone)

-Grinding process: Clinker is grinded and is blended with a small amount of gypsum to make finished cement.

Other kinds of cement include Slag cement or pozzolan cement with Ground-Granulated Blast Furnace Slag and Pozzolan volcanic rocks respectively.

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Main Industrial Types:

1-Integrated Cement Plant: Or simply called Cement Plant. Both clinkerization and grinding processes take place. For the clinkerization process a cement plant has a rotary kiln. Some cement plants make clinker for its own and also for other facilities specialised in the grinding process only.

2-Cement Clinker Plant: Makes only clinker and they also has a rotary kiln. Its clinker is grinded in other separated facilities.

3-Cement Grinding Plant: Clinker is grinded and gypsum is added to make finished cement. These factories have not rotary kilns.