Steel slag vertical mill helps steel companies to transform

 The recycling of industrial waste is one of the cores of sustainable development. The steel slag discharged during the steelmaking process is one of the largest solid wastes produced in the iron and steel industry, and it is also the worst-utilized bulk solid waste. Its discharge volume is about 12% to 15% of crude steel output. How to improve the comprehensive utilization of steel slag is not only a problem that iron and steel enterprises are eager to solve, but also can promote the transformation and upgrading of iron and steel enterprises.

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In the utilization of steel slag resources, the steel slag vertical mill is an indispensable important host equipment. Due to the unique properties of steel slag, the general pulverizer cannot replace the steel slag vertical mill. As a heavy industry enterprise specializing in the production of steel slag processing equipment, Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery independently researched and developed new steel slag processing equipment with unique structure, excellent performance, reliable operation, high efficiency and energy saving. After the products are put on the market, they are well received by customers. After deep processing of steel slag powder, the specific surface area of the finished product can reach 450~500 m²/kg or more. It has good activity and is suitable for cement active admixtures and concrete admixtures.

Enhancing the comprehensive utilization of metallurgical slag is an urgent requirement for the steel industry to strengthen the construction of ecological civilization and promote the industrial upgrading of the industry. However, with the development of technology and the research and development of steel slag vertical mills, several major problems in steel slag processing have been solved. It has obviously eliminated harmful substances in steel slag, realized the separation of slag and iron, and also ensured the activity index of steel slag, which is beneficial to the construction industry. Application; At the same time, it also solves a series of subsequent application problems caused by mixed discharge treatment of steel slags of different types and compositions.

As a large-scale vertical mill manufacturer in China, Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery has long been committed to the R&D and manufacturing of large-scale kiln mill equipment, and has been striving to explore the green and high-quality development of the utilization of steel slag solid waste. Enterprise transformation and upgrading and ecological environment construction