In which season is the tyre of the rotary kiln tyre to breakage?

Kiln tyre is a large round steel casting, mostly used in rotary kiln equipment. Due to its large volume, long production cycle, large force, large torque and other factors, once the tyre has quality problems, it will not only increase Enterprise maintenance costs, if serious, will also lead to kiln shutdown and replacement, which will affect the completion efficiency of the finished product.

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Kiln tyre are large steel castings, and there are inevitably casting defects such as sand holes, slag inclusions, and inclusions. According to investigations, most of the origin of the cracks on the inside of the rotary kiln tyre are blisters and slag. Under normal circumstances, the kiln is shut down for maintenance, and the temperature of the kiln body is reduced from 150-300℃ to atmospheric temperature. The entire kiln body will be shortened, causing uneven internal stress in the tyre, and changes in the point of action between the tyre and the tug. The sudden start of the cold kiln caused brittle fracture of the kiln tyre that was in a low-temperature brittle state. Tyre brittle fracture at low temperature occurs mostly in winter and spring.

From the above description, it can be concluded that under low temperature conditions, a small stress is sufficient to cause brittle fracture of the tire.

Therefore, when repairing the equipment, avoid seasonal months when the temperature is below 0°C as much as possible. Even during maintenance in winter, it is forbidden to suddenly rotate the kiln body without preheating at low temperature. When it is necessary to rotate the kiln body, heating measures should be taken at the tyre belt so that the temperature of the tyre belt is not lower than 0℃ before the kiln can be turned.

In order to enhance the performance of the tire, Xinxiang Great Wall adopts the dual-medium quenching process in the casting process, and each part is forged uniformly, with the characteristics of high quenching hardness and high toughness, so that the tire has good wear resistance. , Can adapt to all kinds of harsh working environment.