The evolution of cement grinding station equipment

The main equipment of cement grinding station includes cement ball mill and cement vertical mill. The ball mill equipment produced by Xinxiang Great Wall is a large-scale ball mill with a diameter of more than 3 meters. However, with the evolution of grinding equipment, Xinxiang Great Wall began to introduce the GRMK series of cement vertical mills. The main structure is composed of separator, grinding roller device, grinding disc device, pressurizing device, reducer, motor, shell and other parts.

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The material falls to the center of the grinding disc through the discharge pipe. The grinding disc, which rotates at a constant speed, uniformly disperses and spreads the raw materials outward by the action of centrifugal force to form a material bed with a certain thickness. Crushed and crushed. Under the continuous drive of centrifugal force, the material continuously moves to the outer edge of the grinding disc. When the material leaving the grinding disc encounters the hot gas entering the mill through the air ring and rises therewith, it enters the separator through the middle shell of the mill. During this process The medium material and the hot gas have undergone sufficient heat exchange, and the water is quickly evaporated. The powder separator controls the particle size of the finished product at the exit of the roller mill. The particles larger than the specified size are separated and fall back to the grinding disc. The material that meets the fineness requirements enters the finished product warehouse through the powder separator.

After a lot of experimental research and comparative analysis of the actual production data of many users, Xinxiang Great Wall has concluded that the cement vertical mill final grinding system has the following outstanding advantages and characteristics:

1. Power saving: The comprehensive power consumption is 25kwh/t, which saves more than 30% of power than the traditional ball milling system;

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2. The finished cement product has excellent working performance, the grain shape is equivalent to that of ball mill, and the strength of cement (3d, 7d, 28d strength) is equivalent to or slightly higher than that of ball mill. The water demand can be controlled at 26-28%, and the matching of cement particles is convenient to adjust;

3. Little wear, metal consumption 4-5g/t;

4. The system runs stably, with an operating rate of up to 93-97%;

5. The process flow is simple, the area is small, the number of electromechanical equipment is small, and the operation and maintenance are convenient;

6. Strong material adaptability: It is more adaptable to materials with high water content and poor abrasiveness.

7. The conversion of cement varieties is convenient and quick, and it only takes 20 minutes.

8. With low noise, the vertical roller mill integrates grinding, drying and powder selection, all of which are completed under negative pressure inside the mill; wear is limited to between the grinding bodies.