Congrats to CHAENG International Market for another success

The epidemic is still raging, all walks of life have been severely affected, and many projects have been postponed. However, Xinxiang Great Wall adheres to the tenet of "customer-centric" and regards meeting customer needs as an unchanging belief. Under the premise of strictly abiding by the epidemic prevention and control policy, Xinxiang Great Wall recently completed the delivery of a complete set of clinker grinding plants in Central America, adding another success to the CHAENG international market.
The cement grinding station project undertaken this time is a key project of the local government, which has strict requirements on construction quality, and the project site has a rainy season all the year-round, so the construction is very difficult. Xinxiang Great Wall combines customer needs and local conditions, adapts innovative techniques to local conditions, and formulates a plan that satisfies customers!

Project Highlights
1. The advanced grinding and drying process solves the problem of excessive moisture in the feed;
2. The closed-circuit grinding process of cement ball mill + powder separator can better adjust the fineness of cement;
3. Add a cooling process to reduce the cement temperature to below 75 degrees;
4. On-line loading and measuring system, which can complete cement online loading and measure more intelligently and quickly;
5. The full-frame steel structure is connected by bolts, which is convenient for construction and installation, and saves a lot of time and labor costs for customers.
Xinxiang Great Wall will also guide the installation and production commissioning in the follow-up to ensure the smooth commissioning of the project and successful delivery. After the project is completed, it will become one of the largest clinker grinding plants in Central America, meeting the demand for cement in the surrounding market!
CHAENG can provide the complete solutions of 15-100t/h cement grinding station for you. Please send an email to for the quotation.