Coal vertical mill helps pulverized coal green and safe production

Coal is a commonly used energy resource, primarily burned to produce electricity and heat, and can also be used for industrial purposes, such as refining metals, or producing fertilizers and many chemical products. In order to improve the combustion efficiency of coal, many factories will choose to burn pulverized coal. So how can pulverized coal be prepared? Which coal grinding equipment is better?
At present, the commonly used coal grinding equipment on the market mainly includes the vertical mill, ball mill, Raymond mills, etc. No matter in terms of energy-saving and environmental protection, or in terms of grinding efficiency, vertical mills are among the best. So, how does the vertical coal mill produced by Great Wall Machinery contribute to green production?
The GRM series vertical coal mill produced by CHAENG integrates crushing, drying, grinding, powder sorting and conveying. It does not need to be equipped with a separate dryer, which can not only save investment costs but also meet the grinding requirements of materials with different humidity, and achieve the effect of drying and grinding.
Under the continuously optimized vertical mill process, the power consumption of CHAENG GRMC vertical coal mill can save 20-40% of electricity compared with traditional coal mills.
Considering the flammable and explosive characteristics of pulverized coal, an explosion-proof valve is provided on the upper shell to prevent the pulverized coal from exploding in the mill and ensure that the equipment is safe in use.
In addition, the grinding roller shell of the vertical coal mill can be turned over for use, which not only helps to increase the output but also reduces wear and prolongs its service life.

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If you have coal mill needs, welcome to Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery for consultation! As a large-scale vertical mill manufacturer, CHAENG has continuously innovated in the energy-saving and environmental protection upgrading and transformation of mills, and is committed to developing more energy-saving and low-consumption equipment to achieve the purpose of promoting green production and helping energy conservation and emission reduction!