Steel Slag - Neglected Treasure

Steel slag is composed of oxides formed by the oxidation of various impurities in metal raw materials during the steelmaking process. Steel slag contains a variety of useful ingredients, and comprehensive utilization can not only eliminate environmental pollution but also create huge economic benefits.
The treatment methods of steel slag mainly include the hot splashing method, water quenching method, air quenching method, hot stuffing method, etc., but these methods cannot treat steel slag to the extent that it can be used directly, and deep processing is required. Therefore, the methods commonly used at home and abroad are mechanical crushing, magnetic separation, and screening. Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery has been committed to providing various industrial waste slag comprehensive treatment solutions for many years. It has carried out all-round exploration in the comprehensive treatment of steel slag, and proposed a general contract service plan for the comprehensive utilization of steel slag in the whole process, deduced the transformation of steel slag from "waste "to the "gold" metamorphosis, to help enterprises realize the resource utilization of steel slag.
The slag deformation record of the Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery is mainly divided into four important parts.
1. Raw Material Transfer System
The company's leading product slag pot is used as the raw material transfer equipment to ensure the safety and convenience of material transfer;

slag pot.jpg
2. Pretreatment System
CHAENG can provide a variety of scientific steel slag pretreatment programs according to customer needs to lay the foundation for the next step of grinding;
3. Advanced Crushing Magnetic Separation System.
The rod mill produced by our company is used to purify and magnetically separate steel slag to realize the separation of steel and slag.

rod mill.jpg
4. Grinding System
The last step is to enter the steel slag vertical mill. After crushing and magnetic separation, the steel slag ≤5mm and the metal iron content ≤2% enter the GRMSS series steel slag vertical mill for final grinding.

steel slag grinding plant.jpg
From the transfer of steel slag raw materials to the pretreatment system to crushing and grinding, and then to product application, CHAENG's complete solution for steel slag has been highly recognized by many experts and favored by many customers. CHAENG built a 600,000-ton-a-year vertical mill demonstration line training base in 2011, which can provide customers with comprehensive inspections, online training, and other services. Welcome everyone to visit or leave messages online.