Congrats on the completion of another production line

In 2020, in order to accelerate the promotion and application of high-efficiency and energy-saving technologies, equipment, and products, and guide green production and green consumption, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organized the compilation of Announcement No. 40 of 2020. Among them, steel slag/slag roller press final grinding system, steel slag vertical mill final grinding technology, etc. are all included in the catalog, vigorously promoting the application of steel slag powder in our country.
The steel slag grinding project is one of Shagang's most important environmental protection technological transformation projects. It was completed and officially put into operation in September 2021. The designed capacity is 600,000 tons of steel slag grinding. It is the largest annual production capacity steel slag grinding production line in China.
The project was contracted by Xinxiang Great Wall. According to the raw material characteristics of Shagang steel slag, GRMSS46.31 steel slag vertical mill was used as the main grinding equipment, and according to local conditions and site conditions, a steel slag powder production line with an annual output of 600,000 tons was designed for Shagang Group.

slag grinding machine.jpg
The steel slag has high hardness, and the particle diameter after being pulverized by conventional ball mills and roller mills is still about 6-8 mm and needs to be processed again. Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery continues to optimize the plan, using vertical roller mills as the main grinding equipment, and the fineness of the finished product reaches about 0.003 mm in diameter. It not only reduces the energy consumption of the entire process, but also increases the added value of the product, and realizes the "double improvement" of environmental protection and economic benefits, which is a milestone for steel enterprises to achieve green, environmental protection, and low-carbon development.
Xinxiang Great Wall is committed to providing solutions for the comprehensive treatment of industrial waste slag and conducts all-around exploration in the comprehensive treatment of steel slag. In view of the characteristics of steel slag, Great Wall proposed a turnkey service plan for comprehensive utilization of steel slag with the vertical mill as the main grinding equipment, which can undertake comprehensive utilization projects of steel slag of 200,000 to 1.5 million tons.
With more than 60 years of consistent quality adherence, Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery has continuously innovated and optimized the grinding technology and services. While helping the steel industry to realize the reuse of solid waste resources, it has also laid a solid foundation for the company's future development! If you have any needs for machinery equipment in the cement and steel industry, please contact me online or just leave a message!