Why does the rotary kiln girth gear vibrate?

The large gear is the main part of the rotary kiln, and it together with the meshed pinion, there are important parts of the rotary kiln rotation system. The most important obstacle that may occur in the large ring gear during the operation of the rotary kiln is vibration. The vibration of the ring gear will affect the normal working production of the rotary kiln. Therefore, it is clear that the cause of the large ring gear vibration and the corresponding treatment method are important contents of the rotary kiln repair work.

1. The joint is worn out. The ring gear is coupled to the kiln body by a spring plate pin shaft, and the ring gear itself is manufactured in sections, and the integral screw is integrated by the counter screw. Pins, counter-screws, after the connectors are worn, the ring gear components are loose, and the local ring gear sinks, which also causes the head clearance to become smaller and vibrate.
2. The rotary kiln body wears and the whole sinks. The rotary kiln is large-load continuous operation equipment. After the long-term operation, the components such as the raceway, the support roller, and the pad are worn a lot, and the uneven foundation settlement causes the overall kiln body to fall so that the tip clearance becomes smaller and causes vibration. Sometimes the overall kiln line has not decreased, but the drop of the bearing ring near the large ring gear also causes the large ring gear to vibrate, which is caused by the sinking or wear of the support base or the improper adjustment of the kiln.
3. Caused by the kiln bend. The kiln bending vibration occurs mostly in the cold state test, and the hand vibration interval is synchronized with the kiln bending direction. The kiln can be heated up, and the short-time internal vibration will be eliminated by itself.
4. the ring gear itself. The top clearance of the transmission gear is generally 0.2-0.25 times the modulus. The large ring gear of the rotary kiln has a large outer diameter, radial yaw and other factors, and the top clearance is 0.28 times the modulus plus 0.5-1 mm. At the same time, the large ring gear is required to be installed after the radial runs out, and the axial yaw is no more than 2mm. Most of the large ring gears are due to the jitter's value or the yaw value. Because the large ring gear is connected to the shaft of the spring plate through the shaft pin and the kiln body, the large ring gear itself is made into two halves and is integrated with the counter screw.
5. the pinion installation is not in place Most of the rotary kiln big ring gear and the two pinion centers in the ideal meshing state constitute an equilateral triangle, but the angle has changed after a long time running.