Vertical Coal Powder Grinding Mill

As we all know, coal is in a leading position in China's energy structure. According to statistics, the proportion of primary energy accounts for more than 70%, which is an important guarantee for China's energy security. Nowadays, China attaches great importance to environmental protection and energy conservation. Many power plants have chosen a new vertical mill for coal powder preparation with good performance in selecting coal grinding equipment.

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The characteristics of coal grinding are:
1. Because there are differences in the types of coal texture and the boilers used, there are certain differences in the particle size requirements of coal. Generally, the screening rate of 200 mesh is about 90%, and the grinding equipment should be able to adjust the fineness;
2, coal is generally not very dry materials, generally coal will contain more than 15% of water, lignite even up to 45%, so the coal grinding equipment must be able to adapt to high moisture materials, and can be while grinding The material is dried, and it is not necessary to separately set the dryer to increase the drying process;
3. The coal contains flammable volatile water, and the coal itself is flammable, so it must have flame retardant and explosion-proof measures when grinding;
4. The coal contains hard and difficult impurities, which are required to adapt to hard-to-wear hard impurities during the grinding process;
There are many manufacturers of vertical mills in Henan, and in terms of sales volume and strength, Chaeng is a priority manufacturer. Chaeng has 60 years of manufacturing experience in research and development of large-scale kiln grinding equipment. The GRMC coal vertical mill produced by the company uses a unique production process and structure. The production process has less dust and less noise, and the produced coal powder has an efficient level. With excellent combustion performance.
Compared with the conventional vertical mill, the structure of chaeng GRMC coal vertical mill has been greatly improved: the disc-shaped disc and the tire-shaped sleeve are more suitable for pulverized coal grinding, and the sleeve can be turned over. It is beneficial to increase the output of coal mill, reduce wear and prolong its service life. The most important thing is that the upper casing of the mill is equipped with an explosion-proof valve to prevent the pulverized coal from exploding in the grinding machine and ensure the safe use of the equipment.
The new environmentally-friendly coal vertical mill can not only solve the transportation restriction problem caused by the imbalance of coal resources in China, but also reduce environmental pollution, achieve green environmental protection, and promote the industrial upgrading of China's coal resource emission reduction energy-saving energy.