Chaeng vertical mill help new breakthroughs in the steel industry

Comprehensive utilization of metallurgical slag has always been the focus of the iron and steel enterprises, metallurgical slag "zero emissions" is the steel industry's strategic goal for many years to dream. Ningxia Steel under Baosteel took the lead in realizing zero discharge of steel slag in the industry and truly implemented "zero discharge" of waste slag, which solved the long-standing problem of steel enterprises and played a good exemplary role.
Slag powder production line and slag production line is the comprehensive utilization of metallurgical slag Ningguo important part of the project. In 2017, an annual output of 1.5 million tons of composite powder (2 × 600,000 tons of slag, 300,000 tons of steel slag) turnkey production line after the first phase of production, 2017-12 months, the average monthly production and sales of steel slag grinding powder 20,000 tons, accumulative monthly digesting more than 30,000 tons of steel slag, NingGang took the lead in the industry to achieve zero emissions of steel slag. According to this calculation, only the recovery of scrap steel from steel slag, a year can reduce the cost of Ning steel 57 million yuan.
The project made such a big breakthrough in the steel industry, chaeng energy-saving environmental mill equipment is a big help. As a professional grinding system integrated service providers, chaeng R & D and manufacturing mill in the metallurgical slag grinding processing has a unique advantage.

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Slag Vertical mill technology: chaeng and the domestic chief vertical mill experts, the world's most advanced Japanese Ube technology. In terms of host output of the project selected, c haeng vertical mill can process 110-120 tons of slag powder per hour; from the energy consumption, other manufacturers power consumption per ton of ore above 40 degrees, and chaeng at 36 Degree around, in the domestic leading position.
chaeng has its own large foundry, a strong processing, manufacturing, assembly capabilities, from the manufacture of steel parts to the processing and assembly of finished products are the chaeng mechanical self-made, the entire duration, the quality is always in control of the state, duration quality assurance.
Vertical mill applications: chaeng is both vertical mill producers, but also vertical mill users. In 2010, in order to promote the vertical mill, chaeng built the first training base of 600,000 tons of ore powder in the same industry in the company's factory area. During its operation, chaeng continuously optimized and improved its technology to make it more Energy saving and environmental protection According to the production demonstration line, vertical mill all the problems encountered in the production process, chaeng has a corresponding solution.
Vertical mill total package service: chaeng created the first domestic building materials and equipment industry, "a vertical mill eight services" concept, with advanced production equipment and professional technical team, combined with the actual situation of customers, the final design details The total package plan, to provide civil engineering, design, production, installation, commissioning, up to the standard until the turnkey project, truly allow customers peace of mind, effort, time-saving.
Vertical mill customer case: chaeng since 2007 the first slag vertical mill production has been put into operation at home and abroad have up to 100 production lines, the market reaction is generally better.
Under the environment of energy saving and emission reduction, ecological civilization construction and sustainable development, chaeng will surpass the brave and make more breakthroughs and new leaps in the comprehensive utilization of the metallurgical slag in the iron and steel industry with more energy-saving and environment-friendly grinding equipment.