How to choose a vertical roller mill

With the substantial improvement of grinding machinery research and development technology, the vertical mill technology of foreign mill manufacturers has become more and more mature, and the product technical advantages of vertical mills have become increasingly prominent. Under this situation, CHAENG has actively absorbed successful experience at home and abroad, carried out major technological reforms, and has successively re-launched vertical mill products with its own related patented technologies, which are gradually accepted by the domestic cement, electric power, and chemical industries, committed to becoming the industry's first choice for grinding equipment.

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But do you know how to choose a vertical mill? Hope the following points can help you.
1. Determine the grinding material.
Vertical Roller Mills can be divided into GRMR Vertical Raw mill, GRMS Slag Vertical Mill, GRMK Vertical Cement Mill, and GRMC Vertical Coal Mill according to different grinding materials. After determining the grinding material, you will know which type of vertical mill to choose.
2. Whether the vertical mill equipment can run stably.
After determining the grinding material, you need to choose a vertical mill manufacturer. At this time, it is necessary to choose a manufacturer with rich experience in equipment manufacturing, so as to ensure that the product is not prone to problems during use, and related maintenance can be quickly resolved.
3. Determine equipment output requirements and fuel selection.
After selecting the manufacturer, it is necessary to further confirm the output and fuel selection, and then determine the model and technical parameters of the equipment.
4. The environmental protection effect of the equipment.
Environmental protection is also an aspect that must be paid attention to. Whether the discharge of pollutants such as dust during the operation of the equipment meets the standards is a factor that must be considered.
5. Cost-effective
The accessory specifications and sizes of different yields and different processing fineness equipment are different, so the prices are also completely different. The price of the machine is a very intuitive indicator, but the performance of the product is also very important. Be sure to carefully compare the cost-effectiveness of the product, and then make the most appropriate choice.
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