Industry News

    1. What are the advantages of the slag grinding plant?

      13 May,2019

      With the development of the construction industry, ggbs is widely used in engineering construction. Rational use of ggbs in industrial production not only improves the overall performance of cement and concrete, but also reduce the production cost.
    1. slag pot manufacturer-CHAENG from China

      08 May,2019

      The slag tank is an important equipment for steelmaking in the metallurgical industry. It is a container for holding high-temperature slag produced during the iron and steel smelting process.
    1. Advantages of CHAENG vertical shaft lime kiln

      06 May,2019

      The vertical shaft lime kiln is the main equipment for calcining limestone, and vertical lime kiln has the advantages of remarkable energy saving, good environmental protection effect, excellent finished product quality and low equipment investment cost.
    1. Factors affecting the efficiency of the ball mill

      29 Apr,2019

      Ball mill equipment is mainly used in the grinding industry and plays a very important role in the industry. In the operation of the ball mill, there are some factors that affect its efficiency.
    1. Structure and advantages of slag vertical roller mill

      28 Apr,2019

      Slag vertical roller mill is the preferred equipment for professional application of slag micropowder preparation and turning waste into treasure. Grinding with slag vertical mill can further enhance the availability of slag.