Industry News

    1. How to make the cement production system energy saving?

      12 May,2017

      CHAENG supply cement plant and GGBS salg grinding plant The main solution taken: perfect capacitance in situ compensation mainly has the following three functions: capacity 15-35%; saving 4-10%; protection equipment, improve efficiency.
    1. New ball mill introduction and advantages from CHAENG

      10 Apr,2017

      With the development of society, the traditional ball mill is difficult to meet the demand of the market in some way, so great changes have taken place in CHAENG new technology ball mill. Advanced process and advantages of ball mill will be introduced as
    1. New Type Cement Rotary Kiln Equipment

      30 Sep,2016

      The new dry-process cement rotary kiln production is based on the suspension preheating and pre-decomposition technology as the core, the latest achievements of modern science and technology and industrial production are widely used in cement production p
    1. How to operate active lime kiln to enables optimized production?

      09 Aug,2016

      There are two common active lime production layout, new technology and traditional layout, the presence of difference between the two different production layout, lime production line of safety equipment, energy production will affect stability.