What are the factors that affect the vertical mill price?

 The vertical roller mill is mainly a kind of milling equipment for producing fine powder, which can be used in many industries. The price issue is the most concern for the purchaser.

In fact, the price of vertical mill depends on many factors:

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Firstly, it is that the technical content of vertical mill equipment will affect the price of the equipment. The performance of a device in the production line depends greatly on the technical content of the equipment, and the performance of the equipment with good technical content in terms of structure, output, etc. Performance will be relatively good, can bring better benefits for the production line, so the price of such equipment will be relatively high.

Secondly, Equipment manufacturers, in general, different manufacturers of equipment in production and other aspects will be different, especially equipment after-sales service is not the same, after-sales service for the normal operation of the equipment have a great impact, so Regular factory after-sales service will be better, the corresponding input of human and material resources will be more, so the equipment will be higher when the purchase price. The

Finally, Different types of equipment are not the same price, because there is a slight gap between the parameters of the same type of different models in terms of output, dimensions, etc. These differences make the equipment in the production of the project area, etc. The characteristics of each aspect are not the same and will bring different benefits to production engineering. Therefore, the price of equipment is also not the same.

Raw vertical roller mill parameters

Model Grinding Table Diameter (mm) Standard Ability Q (t/h) Motor (kW)
GRMR22  2,200 65-75 710
GRMR24  2,400 75-85 800
GRMR26 2,600 85-95 900
GRMR28 2,800 100-110 1000
GRMR30 3,000 110-120 1120
GRMR33 3,300 140-150 1400
GRMR36 3,600 180-190 1800
GRMR38 3,800 200-210 2000
GRMR40 4,000 230-250 2240
GRMR43 4,300 260-280 2500
GRMR46 4,600 330-350 3150
GRMR48 4,800 350-370 3350
GRMR50 5,000 370-400 3550
GRMR53 5,300 440-470 4200
GRMR56 5,600 470-500 4500
GRMR60 6,000 550-600 5300
GRMR65 6,500 670-720 6300
GRMR70 7,000 850-900 8000

Note: mill spectral pattern benchmark

(1) Material medium friction (MFs)=0.9~1.0;

(2) Material moisture max 15%;

(3) Refined powder granularity 4200~4500 cm²/g;

(4) Refined powder moisture 0.5~1.0%;

(5) The concrete mill installed power and technology parameter will be adjusted appropritely basing on the actual material property and requirements of owner;

CHAENG vertical roller mill is a kind of new high efficiency, energy saving and environment friendly grinding equipment specially for cement, slag and so on.