How to choose active lime calcining kiln equipment

Active lime with high activity and high added value is widely used and has broad market prospects. Calcination is a key process in the production of active lime, and the choice of calcination equipment has an important influence on whether the limestone resources can be fully utilized. In general mine products, 0-30mm fine-grained limestone accounts for about 30-40% of the total output. If it cannot be fully utilized, limestone resources will be seriously wasted.

At present, different active lime calcining equipment use different grades of limestone. The rotary kiln can directly calcine the fine-grained limestone of 10-50mm so that most of the limestone below 40mm can be used, and a lot of mining costs can be saved every year, extending the mining life of the mine. Therefore, calcined active lime in the rotary kiln has good advantages and good development prospects in making full use of limestone resources.

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As the governing unit of the China Lime Association, Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery (CHAENG) is committed to contributing to the sustainable and healthy development of the lime industry, always giving top priority to the technological innovation of rotary kiln equipment and vigorously developing lime rotary kiln equipment. The lime rotary kilns CHAENG produces have the features of energy saving, environmental protection, and good quality finished product.