Coal vertical mill description/advantages/features

Coal vertical mill product description

1. The raw coal is sieved from the raw coal storage yard through a grid screen and then falls onto the belt conveyor. After the iron is removed by the electromagnetic separator, the belt conveyor sends the raw coal to the raw coal bunker for storage.

2. After the pulverizing system has been started, open the stick valve at the bottom of the raw coal bunker, start the vertical coal mill with a sealed metering tape, and the raw coal enters the vertical coal mill for drying and grinding.

3. The hot air or cement production line exhaust gas from the hot blast stove is drawn by the system fan and enters the coal vertical mill. After fully heat exchange with the ground coal in the mill, the coal powder is carried in the separator. After sorting, the unqualified coarse pulverized coal falls back to the grinding disc for grinding, and the qualified pulverized coal enters the explosion-proof gas box pulse dust collector with the air flow and is collected, and is discharged into the pulverized coal silo through the dividing wheel.

4. The sundries in the raw coal, such as some coal gangue, metal blocks, etc., are discharged out of the mill through the air ring and the slag outlet.

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Coal vertical mill product advantages

1. Large production capacity, low energy consumption, green and environmental protection.

2. The roller sleeve can be turned over and used, which not only helps to increase the output of the coal mill, but also reduces wear and extends its service life.

3. Install explosion-proof devices to ensure safe production. There is an explosion-proof valve on the upper shell to prevent the coal powder from exploding in the mill and ensure the safe use of the equipment.

Coal vertical mill structural features:

1. The full disc-shaped grinding disc and tire-shaped roller sleeve adopted by the vertical coal mill are more suitable for coal grinding.

2. No special sealing is required for the grinding roller bearings. The roller grinding device adopts a pair of spherical roller bearings, and the bearing seal cavity extends outside the casing without contact with dusty gas, so as long as a simple seal can prevent the roller bearing from entering dust, no sealed fan is required.

3. The transmission part of the mill does not need auxiliary transmission device.

4. The slagging part is simple. The coal vertical mill has less slag discharge, and the slag discharge port has a cover plate, so there is no need to install a slag discharge valve.