1. Vertical Coal Powder Grinding Mill

      27 Jun,2022

      As we all know, coal is in a leading position in China's energy structure. According to statistics, the proportion of primary energy accounts for more than 70%, which is an important guarantee for China's energy security.
    1. Why choose ball mill?

      24 Jun,2022

      Ball mills are suitable for grinding various ores and other materials and are widely used in mineral processing, building materials, chemical and other industries.
    1. Why choose CHAENG slag ladles?

      21 Jun,2022

      CHAENG have advanced testing equipment to do the nondestructive test to ensure the internal quality of slag ladles.
    1. GRMS series slag vertical mill capacity

      17 Jun,2022

      chaeng GRMS slag vertical mill has been favored by the market and has been used in 116 slag/steel slag/nickel slag production line projects at home and abroad to create economic benefits for users.
    1. The causes of deformation of the rotary kiln shell

      08 Jun,2022

      After a long-term operation, large rotary kiln and grinding mill always begin to have various problems. Once a rotary kiln accident occurs, it will cause huge loss because of production stoppage.
    1. GGBS application in cement industry

      01 Jun,2022

      CHAENG can undertake EPC turnkey services for GGBS (Ground granulated blast-furnace slag plant) plant with an annual output of 200,000-1,500,000 tons. So far, CHAENG has established successfully more than 100 GGBS plant in the world.
    1. Key Spare Parts of VRM

      30 May,2022

      In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, the maintenance of key components is extremely important. This article mainly introduces the key parts of the VRM and its daily maintenance.