Control of cement material calcination process two points to improve

To strengthen the process control and operation of cement rotary kiln equipment, it is possible to make full use of resources and improve efficiency. To ensure the normal use of low calorific value coal, it is necessary to improve the process control and operation of cement rotary kiln equipment. Control of cement material calcination process two points to improve.

(1) to strengthen the homogenization of raw coal, low calorific value and poor quality of coal and other common points, the source of miscellaneous, etc., to reduce coal volatility is particularly important, cement enterprises should use coal pre-homogenization yard.

(2) adjust the cement kiln kiln, the decomposition furnace (ie, head, tail) the proportion of coal, the appropriate increase in the amount of coal and the appropriate amount of tail coal, in the stable control of coal fineness under the premise of the rapid combustion of coal , To eliminate the kiln kiln to restore the atmosphere, improve the kiln before the clarity, speed up the decomposition of coal combustion. At the same time reasonable control into the cement kiln equipment decomposition furnace up and down the material than the column, and gradually increase the lower part of the material to prevent the temperature is too high to produce crust, to ensure the stability of the decomposition of the thermal system.

rotary kiln

To adapt to low calorific value and low quality coal combustion should be a low primary air volume thrust of the new kiln burner, replace the cement rotary kiln first fan, to improve a fan air pressure. A wind rate (coal wind + wind) to less than 7% is appropriate, of which about 30% of coal wind, net wind accounted for about 70%. The reaction zones in the rotary kiln are calcined by the staggered materials. The different reaction zones in the rotary kiln are not completely separated, and there is no more prominent boundary between the reaction zones, but the intertwined , With the kiln within the amount of material changes, temperature control and ventilation, flame and other conditions and the corresponding changes. Thus, we can be sure that when the length of the rotary kiln is sure, the length of the reaction zone in the kiln is uncertain.

Material in the rotary kiln for calcination, on the one hand because of the endothermic reaction and the temperature rise, on the other hand there will be a series of physical and chemical changes, different changes in the thermal properties will be different, then the reaction zone The temperature in the case of elevated speed will be different. With the application and development of the new dry process in the rotary kiln calcination process, the heat in the kiln system will be different, and then the corresponding reaction zone distribution will be different, and the heat transfer Heat and power, physical and chemical changes are also different. In a variety of rotary kiln systems only in the wet kiln in the kiln to participate in all the cement clinker calcination process of physical and chemical reactions. Rotary kiln material temperature and gas temperature changes, the kiln of the reaction zone is divided into a certain rules.